All Things Underground started up in 2013 as a mere university project but has now escalated into an international hub for unsigned artists to showcase their latest music.

With high levels of success, we decided to re-design & re-launch the website to give the ATU brand a fresh new look. 

Our aim is to give that extra platform that enables artists to reach out to new audiences, whether it’s a 12 year old from Spain or a 55 year old from South-Africa (Yes, it’s actually happened). We want your music to be pushed to audiences that you wouldn’t even of imagined. 

We understand that there are thousands of talented un-signed musicians out there who want their work heard which is exactly what we do. We discover, we post, we share. We have no limit to genre or even style. If you are a singer, DJ, rapper, producer or even beat-boxer who we enjoy listening too then you will be happily featured on the site.

The website is run by 3 students.

Alex (@aheadwhite) handles the technical & graphic side of things. Often lurking behind the scenes, anything tech-website related, he’s is the man to go to. Let’s not forget his designing ability. A very well established graphic designer, Alex has designed things on Photoshop that make even the best musician awe in wonder. 

Shiva (@shivasuntoo) is the network guy. He handles the promotion & networking for the site. With years of experience, he has the contacts to promote songs to over 150,000 people in a day. With Shiva, if there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Joe (@joebaker91) is Mr. A&R. He has extended resources to discover music you didn’t think existed. Everything that gets posted goes through Joe.  He has experience in developing business press packs to creating detailed brand portfolios. 


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