14 For 14 | Chvrches

fcfce7c2A Scottish synthpop band Chvrches have been a band that many music enthusiast have been talking about for the past year. Having recently released their debut album The Bones of What You Believe they are about to embark on their first tour of 2014 around Asia.

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INTRODUCING: Linnett & Price


Linnett & Price are a soul driven duo based in London, UK. Currently Studying at the University of Westminster. Their goals? To create honest, soulful music to perform with deliverance and to make a living out of their music. Their inspirations range from The Beatles to Ryan Adams. Check out their live performance of their track ‘Devil In My Eyes’. They definitely bring something different to the table.

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JproD Artwork

Seeking inspiration for different cultures and genres this 22 year old from the States main aim is to create music with the hope that listeners can relate. With the foundation of his music coming from his lifestyle and experiences the main concern of JproD (Jeopardy) is getting his music to the masses. A voice that just wants to be heard we here at A.T.U were particularly impressed with the atmospheric sound and effortless flow.

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