New Music | Jake Jon – The Arrival (Free Download)


JakeJon is one of Britain’s brightest and talented emerging stars.

The Singer/Rapper, Song Writer, Producer & has been honing his skills and building his infectious brand behind the music scenes.

After years of being mentored by many established music producers, associations with EMI, Universal & Sony as well as his years on the road touring with one of the UK’s Top live bands, he has been blessed to be a student of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson & James Brown.

“The ‘JakeJon’ sound agglomerates his influences of Rock, Soul, Reggae and more, with pellucid & beautifully sung vocal harmonies, consummated with a compelling rap style that’s reminiscent of his 90’s rap icon’s.”

He now feels it’s the right time to debut with his new Single release ’The Arrival’ (BoomPow!)
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His conviction in his music is one that cannot be contested, as he eloquently puts life into lyrics. Blending it all into strong punch that you just cannot dodge.Jake Jon said he looks forward to bringing some soul & musicality back to Hiphop as well as positive content.

“And I think it would be great if this type of music came out of Britain for a change.”

See Jake Jon in action in “The Arrival” official video

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Above is rising UK Producer SOUL UNIQUE, before he releases his first solo material (that will propel him to super stardom) however he has sent over a taster from his up-and-coming web series DNA.

“I have put together a collection of tracks that are directly inspired by the music I grew up listening to. Through each track I aim to show people exactly what makes up my musical DNA”

SOUL UNIQUE isn’t a stranger to success after producing hits for a string of multi platinum pop stars such as Nelly Furtado, Wretch 32 & SWAY! 

You can take a listen to the track ‘It Was All A Dream’ below!

New Feature | Sami Switch


If you’re from the UK and you listen to rap music, there’s a strong chance that you recognise the name Sami Switch. Chances are, you’ve seen his name on Twitter arguing with Wiley, or more recently featuring on online music channel SBTV showing off his vast range of rhyming capabilities. At the age of just 20, Sami has released two mixtapes, along with a strong library of music videos with production so professional you wouldn’t believe they were made for an underground artist from Reading.

After building his name in his hometown of Reading with various freestyle raps posted online, Sami got his first big break of online promotion in September 2010 via SBTV, where his filmed freestyle rap built up to over 50,000 views. Over the course of this feature, watch the evolution of Sami Switch from a street freestyle rapper to a complete music artist with a vision for his talents.

Watch Sami Switch‘s first SBTV video here..

Sami released his first music video for his Carpe Diem mixtape track ‘100’ on SBTV in April 2011. Like previously, the video went on to attract over 50,000 viewers and helped to draw in a wide national audience to his music.

Check out the ‘100’ video here:

Following his ‘100’ music video, in May 2011 Sami released his debut mixtape Carpe Diem. The mixtape featured the likes of well known UK artists Mic Righteous and Elro, along with his BlakMagik labelmates Wezzy, Rossi Riko and Akira Morgan.


After this, Sami appeared to take a small break from music, as he tried to figure out his musical direction and inspiration to create new music.

In October 2011, Sami shot the music video for a track called Silver Line, which featured Wezzy and Tanch. In ‘Silver Line’, Sami reflected on life and talked about his wish to make his parents proud (“wanna get my honour back for Mum and Dad, this song’s an honest track. I long to strong my bond with Dad and hold my Mumma’s hand.”)

Watch the video here:

Shortly after the turn of 2012, Sami posted a short track on YouTube called ‘Sami.’ He raps about the two sides to his personality, one where he’s socialising with friends and enjoying life and the other where he sinks into depression and tries to escape life (“don’t say you’ve had depression unless suicide has crossed your mind, i do i’ve cried a lot of times”)

Here is the cleverly shot video for ‘Sami’

Following on from this, Sami showed off his versatile talents by recording a video for a spoken word poem, titled ‘Ocean Of Pain’, where he admits he cries sometimes (something 99% of rappers wouldn’t dare share in fear of ruining their ‘rep.’) The video has gone on to be viewed almost 60,000 times, and reached an audience as far as New Zealand and the USA.

Check out the video for ‘Ocean of Pain here

In the summer of 2012, Sami released his sophomore mixtape Momento Moro, which also like his previous mixtape Carpe Diem, meant to ‘seize the day.’ Sami managed to secure a feature with Grime veteran Ghetts, a major achievement for any rapper, let alone one yet to reach the age of 20. The production on the mixtape was absolutely exceptional, and went to show that Sami was taking his music much more seriously than most…


Shortly after, Sami supported female UK hip-hop artist Ms Dynamite, as well as performing several headline shows himself in the local area. More recently Sami‘s name has been spread, and has performed a couple of gig’s in London.

The work-rate of Sami is hard to match. Since the release of Momento Mori, Sami has released music video’s for five of his tracks from the mixtape, including ‘Silver Line’ as mentioned previously, which you can see below!

‘That Feeling’ featuring Wezzy

‘Momento Mori’

‘Forget The World’


Since Momento Mori, Sami took to attempting his first battle rap, which he won comfortably with some brilliantly clever lines (“you should stop trying to con science, and leave it to rappers with conscience”) whilst at the same time humiliating his opponent. Whether Sami will take to battle rapping again remains to be seen…

Check Sami‘s first battle rap here:

More recently, Sami has featured on Mr Faiz‘s mixtape track ‘Golden Touch’ with the video being posted on All Things Underground earlier this week, ( as well as featuring on SBTV again in September, this time with a Warm Up Session which has spawned almost 20,000 hits.

Check it here:

If there is one thing you do today after reading this, it’s making sure you download Sami‘s two mixtapes Carpe Diem and Momento Mori and get to understand the real Sami Switch

Follow Sami Switch on Twitter – @SamiSwitch

New Mixtape | STS “Gold Rush III”


Sugar Tounge Slim drops off the thrid installment of the Gold Rush series. Following the theme of the previous tapes Slim takes the notable songs by the likes of Kavinsky, Walk The Duck and The Heavy.

A unique take on the tracks it provides an interesting listen that matches the cleaver wordplay and the southern bravado the rapper supplies.

Take a Listen and Download HERE