New Music | Jake Jon – The Arrival (Free Download)


JakeJon is one of Britain’s brightest and talented emerging stars.

The Singer/Rapper, Song Writer, Producer & has been honing his skills and building his infectious brand behind the music scenes.

After years of being mentored by many established music producers, associations with EMI, Universal & Sony as well as his years on the road touring with one of the UK’s Top live bands, he has been blessed to be a student of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson & James Brown.

“The ‘JakeJon’ sound agglomerates his influences of Rock, Soul, Reggae and more, with pellucid & beautifully sung vocal harmonies, consummated with a compelling rap style that’s reminiscent of his 90’s rap icon’s.”

He now feels it’s the right time to debut with his new Single release ’The Arrival’ (BoomPow!)
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His conviction in his music is one that cannot be contested, as he eloquently puts life into lyrics. Blending it all into strong punch that you just cannot dodge.Jake Jon said he looks forward to bringing some soul & musicality back to Hiphop as well as positive content.

“And I think it would be great if this type of music came out of Britain for a change.”

See Jake Jon in action in “The Arrival” official video

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New Feature | Introducing: Last Night In Paris


Last Night In Paris

A multi talented London collective Last Night In Paris are independent and doing it all themselves, with their talents ranging from rapping, singer, writing, producing and directing. This multi-skilled collective are standing out from the crowd with their original and unique sound.

This is just what the industry needs.

Much like many other collectives (Odd Future/ A$AP Mob) members have their side solo projects on the go as well, this is no different for the LNIP group. Rainy Milo has dropped and EP titled Limey while the likes of Tara Carosielli and Joshua Collard have released solo songs.


A Hip-Hop/Soul vibe they dropped there debut EP Roses earlier this year in February. 11 tracks on the EP, not all members feature of every track with some being solo records. A distinctive sound they set the atmosphere early in the EP with the song “Too Many Stars”, the electro indie RnB sounds of the track blend with the mixture of rap and singing.

Visuals directed by Evil Needle

More than an audio group they place focus on the visual aspects of their presentation. Check the video for track 010 of the EP “Blackout”. With chopped x screwed elements on the track the similarities between them and the A$AP Mob begin to become apparent.

Directed by Jordon Wi-Fi.

The artistic collective deliver a solid EP that exhibits a wide range of sounds from the group. A personal favourite is the smooth sounding “So Very” track 003, solo song by Collard you here elements that undoubtedly draw comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

Directed by Jordon Wi-Fi.

Comparisons are easily made, but LNIP collective deliver more than audio, they accompany their tracks with visual parallels courtesy of fantastic cinematography.

Defiantly one to watch we here at All Things Underground will be covering a lot more of this group. Make sure you stream/download their EP below.

You can’t be suave in the rain



Bonus Check out their photography Here